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  • Latin Grammy Winner for Beto Cuevas' Transformacion Record. 
  • Composer for shows for Disney, ABC, HBO
  • Producer/writer for major label artists such as Nikki Williams, Estelle Darlings 
  •  ABOUT

    Femke Weidema started her musical career as a classical accordion player.  At 17, she attended the Prins Claus Conservatory in Holland  to persue her dream of becoming a composer and classical musician.

    Upon graduating with a Degree in Compostition, Music Production and Sound design, she received a bunch of scholarships to further her development including a Fulbright and the prestegious Young Talent Award from the NNC.

    Her next move was to Boston to study at the Berklee College of Music where she received special recognition for her unique style of songwriting. 

     She moved to Los Angeles in 2007 where she continued to work towards her dream.  She interned at several publishing companies to learn more of the business, produced a CD with jazz pianist Don Grusin and toured across the US with a duo she created , Beautiful Nowhere.  In addition, she assisted and wrote with film composer, Richard Gibbs, sang with Blink 182, wrote  on TV shows such as “ten things i hate about you” and the Tracy Ullman show, and worked at Hans Zimmer's Remote Control. 

    ASCAP has played a big role in Femke’s career inviting her to the Johnny Mercer Workshop, the Lester Sill Workshop and in 2011, receiving their prestigious Harold Adamson Lyric Award.

    She has recently started her own studio where she develops up and coming talent from both Europe and the USA.